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eSvasa presents:

Young Masterchef - Bangalore

Lumiere organized Young MasterChef at Nagarjuna Maple Heights, in association with Priyanka Grover, consultant to eSvasa, on April 15, 2012. This event was aimed at educating and promoting organic food. The event saw a wonderful turnout with apartment people coming up with their queries on organic produce & food.

The main events for kids were cookie decoration & sandwich making. The kids were given organic cookies and organic jams to decorate cookies. The sandwich competition had organic breads, organic mayonnaise, and organic mustard & organic vegetables. The kids also tried their hands at cutting vegetables in floral shapes to decorate their sandwiches and to please the judges. The winners were given Meal vouchers for four at Lumiere and the kids were more than thrilled that they could take their parents out for an organic food party at Lumiere. Five year old Anna, who won the cookie decoration, was thrilled with the prize and informed that she enjoyed every bit of the event. She suggested that we should do more of similar events. Eleven year old Yashasvi who won the Sandwich Competition, was surprised when her name was announced as the winner, she thought since her sandwich had less floral decorations, others had better chances of winning. But according to the judges, her decoration was optimum enough not to make the sandwich soggy.

The competitions were followed by a small quiz on fruits & vegetables, to encourage children into identifying produce and to my surprise, the adults were more enthusiastic about participation than kids.

The adults were extremely elated to see organic produce and provisions available at their doorstep with reasonable pricing. One of the query common with most people was how to identify difference between inorganic, natural growing & organic produce. And they could see themselves live, the organic vegetables on display that showed the natural textures & colors. But could this be enough, naah …they also had continuous demo sessions by chef Suresh from Lumiere, who dished out appams, kurmas, salads, organic jam & mayonnaise for free tasting. Good food, great activities for kids and shopping, all combined, made it a perfect organic festival.

Adopt organic food, & create happy, healthy & sustainable world.

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