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Health foods

Spinach: Uses & How to Grow

Spinach is great plant to grow - relatively easy to grow in cool climates, healthy and a few pots or a small patch of garden will last you through the winter. It’s not only high in iron; it is a rich source of vitamins A and C, thiamin, potassium, folic acid and carotenoids.

Aloe Vera: Uses & How to Grow

Presenting one of the most undemanding, yet useful plants to have around the house – Aloe Vera. It’s simple to grow, and you can use it as a moisteriser, first aid agent for cuts, burn & bruises and it even has digestive and immunity building properties.


It has a wonderful flavour, amazing aroma, and is even an insect repellant! Say hello to Lemongrass... learn how to grow it and better still - how to enjoy it!

Coriander, Uses and How to grow

In chutney or as a garnish, everyday Indian meals seem incomplete without Coriander! Here's the first in a series of articles in our 'know and grow' your herbs section - go ahead, enjoy the luscious green dhaniya from your garden!

Sweet Basil - Uses and how to grow

Growing organic Sweet Basil at home - in your garden or in pots - is a great idea! Make use of our tips and suggestions to make sure your sweet basil flourishes.

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