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Health foods

Kitchen Garden Association of India

Want to start a kitchen garden but need guidance, a push or a little support? Here's a list of kitchen garden enthusiasts in different cities who can help...

Oregano: Benefits & How to grow

Oregano is a perennial herb, and just needs a little protection in harsh winters. Its primarily used in Italian, Mexican & Greek cuisine, and has become a household name in India with the popularity in pizza delivery!

Mint - Uses and how to grow

Mint is one of the most beautiful herbs, with a fresh & invigorating aroma. A hardy perennial, mint is a source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin C, A, B6, Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Riboflavin, Folate, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Copper and Manganese.

Wheat Grass: Benefits & How to Grow

Wheatgrass is a miracle plant! It has several health benefits, is easy to grow, and makes a pretty sight... try it this time!

Tulsi or Holy Basil: Uses & How to Grow

Most houses have a Tulsi plant but do you really know how much you can do with it....

Millets: How we are losing our traditionally Organic & Healthy Foods

Sometimes we don't realise how we have lost our traditionally nutritious and indigenous crops due to modern science and our greed to too-much-too-soon. Despite the Green Revolution & introduction of Hybrid seeds, Millets are now making a comeback into our diets...Here's why it's especially important to go organic for millets.

Lettuce: Uses and How to grow

Lettuce, though not very popular in India, is a great plant to grow. It grows easily in cool weather and can thrive even in summers (although strong direct sun should be avoided). Lettuce leaves, consumed mostly as salad, are very healthy to eat.

Gudmar... The Insulin Herb

Can you imagine how much planning Nature has done for us? Despite our bad lifestyles and poor eating habits, nature has taken care to provide us with both preventive & curative remedies.

Giloi: Uses & How to Grow

Giloi, or Tinispora is a hardy climber, and an excellent plant to have in your garden. It's stem, leaves and even roots can be used for chronic fever, inflammation and to build immunity. Read on about this wonderful herb...

Tips on Container Gardening

Get your potted plants to bloom and shine, check out our simple tips for a happier garden!!

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