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Skin Care during Summers

Summers are back with a vengeance! Be good to your skin this time, and see if you can do a little extra to keep luscious this season!

Rustic Art Handcrafted Organic Soaps: Review

It’s very easy to get allured by flashy soap adverts promising you Aishwarya’s looks or Katrina’s skin... what these ads don’t reveal is how many harmful chemicals we expose our skin to through them. Here’s a review of Rustic Art Soaps; traditionally made, organic & safe.

Recipes for Healthy Skin

If you're looking at natural solutions for your daily skincare routine, here's Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar to give you some organic advise! From a basic body wash to a deep conditioning hair mask - here are some recipes you can't miss!

The Indian Rose: Uses & How to Grow

The Indian Rose is a delight not only to look at, but also for our skin, mind & body. Read how to grow roses, and also find out recipes for gulkand & rose water!

Anti Aging for Less

Nano technology, micro something something, unreadable ingredients from often unmentionable sources… just tell me truthfully…didn’t your mother look gorgeous at 35? Wrinkle-free, with blemish-less skin; what did she use? I expect multani mitti or besan-malai was more frequent on her face than the imported designer brands some of us are dying to have!

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