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eSvasa presents:

interview with expert

Interview: Chef Nishant, Dusit Devarana

Chef Nishant Choubey of the Dusit Devarana, is one of today’s most dynamic & enthusiastic young chefs! We had a chance to meet up with him on his home ground – the gorgeous Dusit Devarana Hotel...

Interview with Mr. Anil Jadhav, CEO, ECOCERT

Certification agencies like Ecocert help make it easier for you to ensure that the food you buy is really Organic. Here's a conversation with Mr Anil Jadhav, CEO of Ecocert (India), one of the leading international certification agencies

Interview with Mr. Manjunath: Managing Director, Lumiere Organic Restaurant, Bangalore

Lumiere is a unique lifestyle store… it encompasses everything from a farm to a restaurant, and now even an online store selling organic produce – vegetables, fruits, honey, spices, nuts & poultry. Priyanka Grover met up with Mr. Manjunath, and here’s a conversation with him.

Interview with Dr. Ishi Khosla, Nutritionist and Founder of Whole Foods, India

eSvasa had an opportunity to meet up with Dr. Ishi Khosla, one of India’s finest and well known clinical nutritionist. A multi faceted lady, she’s also a columnist (for the Indian Express and Prevention magazine amongst others), media personality, researcher, writer and an entrepreneur – spearheading a health food company – Whole Foods India.

Here's what she had to say about eSvasa: "You at eSvasa are doing a commendable job, it seems to be sincere, dedicated and much needed effort! It will be very useful in creating awareness among the general population. Keep up the good work!"

In Conversation with Ms. Manju Bhargava, Senior Faculty – Art of Living

A specialist in Ayurvedic cooking, Ms. Bhargava has conducted classes, in India and abroad. In accordance with her motto “Health through Food”, she promotes oil free healthy cooking and the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

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