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Health at home

The Blood Type Diet

What do Hollywood stars like Liz Hurley and Courtney Cox-Arquette, singers Cheryl Cole & Sir Cliff Richard, and Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar & Sanjay Dutt have in common? Part from their talent & fame, they all swear by the Blood type diet to lose weight, stay healthy and feel good!!

Peanut Oil

Did you know that consuming Peanut oil in moderation can reduce bad cholesterol? Here's more about why it's a must in your kitchen!

The underdog of fruits - Guava

Enjoy healthy & seasonal fruits - Guavas fit the perfectly now; not only delicious but super healthy!


Neem is a magical tree with fantastic advantages... read all about how it can benefit you!

Amla... the Super Food

A superfood in every way... make the most of amla's amazing benefits before the they go out of season!

Haldi...The original Super-Spice

Haldi - the sunshine spice - adds health to your body and depth to the taste of your food! Read more about it here...

Honey - Liquid Gold in your kitchen

Honey is - or should be - an indispensable ingredient in every kitchen! From therapeutic & medicinal to skin care; it has benefits for almost everything!

Change Your Lifestyle at Breakfast

We ALL know breakfast is important, yet most of us just can't make it a routine. Here's why you and your family simply HAVE to have breakfast now!

Triphala – The Ayurvedic Miracle

Triphala is one of Ayurveda's gifts to us... Learn about its benefits and how you can use it in your daily life to improve immunity, digestion and to cleanse your mind & body.

Deep frying the healthy way

We always hear about how deep frying is a big no-no for good health... Here's the flip side; how you can deep fry in a healthy way!

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