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Organic food

Organic food: Natural, Local, GM foods

Clearing the mist on Natural, Local, Sustainable and Fair Trade Foods….WHAT ARE THEY?

What is Organic food

Defining Organic Foods, the benefits and what the critics say.

Raining discounts on Organic

eSvasa gets you up-to-date on offers, discounts & schemes on organic food & lifestyle products in your city!

WWOOF India - Willing Workers on Organic Farms in India

Did you know that there's an organization that helps people volunteer at organic farms across the world, and lets them learn about different countries, cultures, farming, crops and so much more? Introducing WWOOF...

Spiced Yellow Pea Soup with Sweet Asafetida & Sultana Chutney

Here's a beautiful recipe combining good health and convenience! Food Blogger Chinmayie Bhat shares a special recipe with eSvasa readers....

The New Organic

Indigenous vegetables are making a comeback. Have you tried ‘jamboo’-scented butter and ‘mahua’ ice cream?

Stanford Research: Is organic food more nutritious?

Today there was a front page news in Times of India sharing the conclusions derived from research conducted by scientists from Stanford University. The conclusions have fueled the debate over whether organic food is a smart choice for healthier living or a marketing tool driving people into overpaying.

Transfats, pesticides, hormones: how safe is the food you're eating?

Vir Sanghvi is one of India's leading print and TV journalists, a foodie, political analyst and so much more! eSvasa would like to thank him for sharing his views on organic & healthy food; and how safe our food is today on our website.

Read on for a witty, informative and unbiased report on Indian eating habits today, by Vir Sanghvi.

Organic Food: Benefits

There are several reasons why organic food scores over conventional pesticide and chemical laden food. These include health reasons, repercussions to the environment, the general look and feel etc. Let's discuss some more...

1. Health Benefits
a. Studies prove that organic food is more nutritious, has more minerals and vitamins as compared to conventional food.

Genetically Modified Organisms, Crops and Food

Understanding genetically modified organisms, crops and food. Here's what you wanted to know but didn't know where to find it!

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