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eSvasa presents:


Egg Muffins - Low Carb diet

A healthy egg recipe for breakfast or snack time... Simple and nutritious!

Vegetables in Amaranth Sauce

Vegetables in white sauce - Just as delicious as it sounds, but a super healthy version ... Here's our cheat version!

The eSvasa Super Milk Mix

Try a change from the commercially available milk supplements like Bournvita, Horlicks etc, and make your own this time! Healthy, tasty and best for you and the kids!


Horchata - Try this traditional Mexican drink - delicious, refreshing & healthy too! And a hit with vegans!

Spiced Organic Pancakes

Here's a recipe your kids will love - Spiced Organic Pancakes - simple & healthy pancakes which you can jazz up with your favourite toppings!

Minty Cucumber Chaach

A refreshing cooling drink, especially after being out in this hot sun! Especially hydrating, with minerals and anti-oxidants, it's a super drink for summer!

Honey Icing Coffee Cake

An impulsive & lazy Coffee cake... especially for when you crave a supremely rich coffee cake, and just don't want to put in all that effort ;-)

Lavender Pepper Vodka Thandai

Thandai with a twist... Surprise everyone with a delicate thandai to blow them off their feet!

Stuffed Braided Organic Bread

A delicious & filling Organic bread – a great snack for parties, tiffin treat or just comfort food :-)

Bajra Khichdi

Last year, on Lohri, we gave you peanut laddoos, this year; surprise your guests with a traditional Bajre ki Khichdi - nutritious & delicious!

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