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Monsoons is the time for infections - wash fruits and vegetables well before eating; and avoid raw salad leaves.


Avoid eating out in the monsoon - if unavoidable, eat piping hot foods to avoid unhealthy bacteria.

Eye flu

Eye Flu hits a high during the rainy season - don't touch eyes with dirty hands, go to the doctor on first sign of redness/ irritation/ discharge.

Green tea

Switch to green tea - it is diuretic, improves heart health, helps treat flatulence, regulates blood sugar, helps in digestion and much more!

Banana Bread

Running late, no time for a proper meal? Grab a banana - it's rich in minerals and fibre, is filling & nutritious, and is easy to digest!


Make the transition from plastics to healthier containers... get smart stainless steel tiffins for your kids, and let them decorate them with their favourite stckers!


Go for seasonal and locally produced fruits and vegetables as they are healthier, have lesser carbon footprint and have better taste.


If you have a fresh water aquarium, save the water when you clean the tank and recycle it by watering your houseplants. It's nitrogen rich, and your plants will love it!

Water bottle

Carry a bottle of water when you move out instead of buying plastic. Every little bit helps!

Old Newspapers

Use old newspapers to wrap birthday gifts, and especially return gifts!! you could get the kids to decorate them using finger painting or handprints!

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