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eSvasa presents:


Buttermilk is a super drink - easily digestible& kindles hunger. It cures dropsy, enlargement of the abdomen, haemorrhoids, duodenal diseases, dysurea, loss of taste & enlargement of spleen.

egg honey curd

Eggs-honey-curd pack: Mix two eggs, two tablespoon of curd, juice of half lemon and few drops of honey, and spread it evenly, from root to tip. Wash it off after half-an-hour to get a smooth and manageable texture.


Cabbage contains vitamin K, B6 and C, fiber, folate and manganese. It strengthens bones and treats allergic reactions, inflammation, & varicose veins, and also fights a number of cancers.

Guavas and cancer

Guavas contain the most amount of lycopene that fight cancer, protects the body from free radicals that are known to affect the arteries and nervous system. It's also good for skin, and helps in cases of diarrhoea, diabetes and fever.


For better immunity this season, eat antioxidant rich foods, keep stress at bay and get enough sun, sleep & exercise!


Cardamom improves digestion, stimulates appetite, reduces hyperacidity and flatulence, prevents mouth ulcers, is an expectorant, lowers blood pressure and even induces weight loss! Add it to tea, curries or simply chew on it!

Diwali time

Stay away from gifting or eating khoya/ milk based sweets this Diwali. Even chocolates could be adulterated or FAKE! Laddoos are the safest mithai; so stay safe and have a healthy and prosperous Diwali!!

Festive Season

Go hep with H2O this festive season! Infuse with fruit, add lemon juice, add crushed mint or basil leaves, or even frozen orange slices or pineapple chunks.. you'll go low cal, avoid harmful sugary drinks & yet stay hydrated!


A small teaspoon of honey with a pinch of cinnamon powder strengthens immunity, relieves acidity, aids digestion, keeps the skin soft and increases longevity! Go for it!

Coconut Oil

Use organic coconut oil! It's the perfect moisturizer, after shave soother, hair de-frizzer, and make-up remover!

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