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Giloi: Uses & How to Grow

Giloi or Tinospora is a well known medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It has immunity building properties. In the right season, it is a quick growing climber with heart shaped leaves and tiny creamy green flowers. Its stem, leaves and even roots are used for various medicinal purposes.

How to grow

Giloi is a climber, propagated through seeds and cuttings. The cutting to be planted should have at least two internodes - one to be put inside the soil surface and the other to remain outside. Initially the plant may seem dormant, but be patient… suddenly the giloi cutting will shoot up and grow super fast! It can also be grown in a pot but will need support to climb.
Giloi can be grown in a large variety of soils but it needs proper drainage and sufficient moisture. It is quite a hardy plant and can grow in difficult conditions.


Leaves, stem and roots of the plant can be used in form of powder, juice or as tablets.


1. Giloi is used to build up the immunity system.
2. The juice of the roots is effective in urinary problems, mental disorders. For piles, its juice is taken with buttermilk.
3. The stem is used in general weakness, fevers, swine flu prevention, stomach ulcers, diabetes, metabolic disorders and urinary tract infections.
4. Giloi is also used as an insect repellent in fields.
5. Giloi juice along with Amla is very useful in skin diseases.
6. For excessive bleeding during menstruation, its juice is very effective. 5 grams of its leaves can be crushed together and their juice extracted. 2 to 3 ml of this juice is taken in half cup of water till the condition improves.
You can simply chew a couple of tender leaves daily to build immunity. The root, stem or leaves of the plant can simply be pounded to extract juice.

Recipe for Giloi tablets:

  • Take about 200 gms of Giloi stems, take the leaves off.
  • Cut the stems into 1” stalks, and boil them till tender.
  • Blitz the stems in the blender for a minute and strain the mixture.
  • Boil the strained juice till a thick, dark viscous liquid is formed.
  • Keep stirring the liquid till it becomes really thick, and then transfer to a wide plate to cool it.
  • When it is cool enough to handle, grease your hands with ghee and make small pea sized tablets. Greasing your hands is important; otherwise the mixture will stick to your hands!

Have 1 tablet each day in the morning for improvement in immunity.

Recipe Courtesy: Mrs. Manju Sudhakar, DLF V

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