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eSvasa presents:

Organic seeds

Are organic seeds the healthiest option for snacking? Considering the high calorie content in them?

Organic Seeds

Organic is always healthier option.

Organic Seeds

Hi Nalini,
Makfarmers is right!
The calorie content in seeds - conventional or organic - is likely to be similar. Health benefits will also be comparable - for eg, Sunflower seeds contain high levels Vitamin E and B1; this will be true for conventional and organic sunflower seeds. The difference is in the chemical residue.
In fact, a 2007 study by The Organic Center in Colorado found that a seed might not be organic, but you will be able to tell by the fruit it bears later on. All seeds carry residual effects from pesticides and herbicides in the ground as well as hormones sprayed in and around the plants, bushes or trees.
So organic seeds are always a safer and healthier option.

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