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Interview: Chef Nishant, Dusit Devarana

Chef Nishant Choubey of the Dusit Devarana, is one of today’s most dynamic & enthusiastic young chefs! His passion for using seasonal produce and finding the freshest ingredients is evident from the way he amends his daily menu at the Kiyan – the star restaurant at the hotel. We had a chance to meet up with him on his home ground – the gorgeous Dusit Devarana Hotel...

Not only do the hotel’s gardens and the 4 acre farmhouse in Kapashera provide enough greens & herbs for the hotels consumption, but there’s often a overflow of the organically grown crops! They’re even trying to grow avocadoes and artichokes now! Tended to by Dr Iyengar, who makes sure that everything is organically and carefully grown, the garden is also the passion of the Dusit owners.

Cheeku Tree

One of the golden rules Chef Nishant believes in, is to keep it simple, and NOT overcook! Another is to focus on seasonal & local produce. So, in season, the flexible menu at the Kiyan will include Jamun & Mulberries in the mojitos, raw mango Som Tam salad (replacing the traditional raw papaya in the famous Thai speciality), and other innovations! The excess mulberries, jamun, amlas and other farm produce is then preserved and conserved for use later, as jams, sauces and conserves.

However, when original ingredients are needed, he prefers to go straight to source, hence organic masalas are brought in from Chennai, as is fresh sea food.

Communicating the importance of the ingredients make the diners feel special, so special care is taken to convey that tastefully (pun intended ;-))

Book a table at Kiyan, the signature restaurant at the Dusit Devarana, to meet Chef Nishant and get your serving to delicious food!

Dusit Devarana Hotel
Address: Samalkha, NH-8, New Delhi, Delhi 110037
Phone: 011 3355 2211

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