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eSvasa presents:

Tips on Container Gardening

We present a short reckoner to grow organic healthy vegetables in containers. In addition to these, a little patience and hard work is also required.
1. Choose to grow vegetables according to sunlight available
a. Partial Sun – less than 6 hours of sunlight – Try growing lettuce, onions, carrots, beets, herbs
b. Full Sun- 6 hours of sun – Tomatoes, brinjal, squash, peppers

2. Container depth
a. Low depth – 9”-12” – Lettuce, Onions, Radish, beets, herbs, spinach
b. Medium Depth – 12”- 14” – Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, peas, egg plant
c. Deep ones – 16” – 18” – Beans, cucumbers, squash, cherry tomatoes, potatoes

3. Bigger the pot, better the yield.

4. Containers if being reused, need to be disinfected properly – Potassium Permanganate solution can be used.

5. Take care that drainage holes are not blocked.

6. Cover the lower 3”-4” with crocs and course gravel or dried leaves.

7. You should use bone meal, leaf mould, coco peat, sand, farmyard manure to the soil for giving proper nutrition to the plant and balance to the soil.

8. Ideal mix –
a. Garden soil – 2 parts
b. Cowdung Manure – 1 part
c. Leaf mould – 1 part
d. Sand – ½ part
e. For every pot, add 2 table spoons neem cake and 1 table spoon bone meal.
f. You may add coco peat to help increase water retention.

9. Try and get good verities of seeds, appropriate for container gardening, high yielding ones are preferable.

10. Some of the vegetables and herbs can best be planted using saplings like brinjal, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli

11. Water appropriately; most plants are lost with overwatering and under watering.

Beet root

Beet Root in a 14” pot


Chilies in a 12” pot


Mustard in a 14” pot


Spinach in 12” pots

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Please let me know where

Please let me know where these items are available in Mumbai. I can get soil and coco peat, but don't know where to get the other items. Is there any one who sells this mixture ready made?

Hi Inez, One of our readers

Hi Inez,
One of our readers Ruchi Bagla has suggested this website for you... pls check it out, you'll be able to find what you need in Mumbai here.
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The eSvasa Team

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