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Organic Food and Beyond: the Indian context

Health Tip of the week

Health Tip

Come winter, and its time to make an extra effort to drink enough water... keep warm water with lemon/ tulsi leaves/ green tea at hand, and stay healthy :-)


Neem is a magical tree with fantastic advantages... read all about how it can benefit you!
Biofach 2014


Our 3rd time at BioFach...this time in Kerala! Read how BioFach beat everyone's expectations! Read about India's premier annual Organic event
Recently Added

An interesting bit of news has been doing new rounds for the last two days... With sensational titles ranging from '1/3rd of Capital's organic veggies have pesticide residue' to 'organic vegetables can containers pesticide', these reports are designed to create more panic than provide complete information.

Kochi's first organic eatery... Solar Cafe is a quiet restaurant serving Indian and continental food... Check it out!

Vegetables in white sauce - Just as delicious as it sounds, but a super healthy version ... Here's our cheat version!