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Organic Food and Beyond: the Indian context

Chemical overload in fruits & vegetables

The good, the bad & the Ugly: Fruits & Vegetables with the most chemicals!

The government doesn't tell us what the safest or most dangerous fresh produce are, so we spoke to farmers to ask what foods you should definitely buy organic, and which can skip!
Turmeric/ Haldi

Haldi...The original Super-Spice

Haldi - the sunshine spice - adds health to your body and depth to the taste of your food! Read more about it here...
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Workshops by Dr. Nandita Shah, Sharan

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Here's a recipe your kids will love - Spiced Organic Pancakes - simple & healthy pancakes which you can jazz up with your favourite toppings!

If you're traumatised when your plants don't flourish, or get pests; if you feel guilty using toxic chemicals to keep your plants healthy, here's a perfect neem based home gardening kit that is compact, all inclusive of pesticide, fertilizer and growth promoter; and is Organic to boot!

Cucumber is one of summers best offerings - eat it in cool salads, as a healthy snack or as a rehydrating powerhouse of minerals!